Many Realtors do not understand the complexities of working with corporate property owners (REO). Our significant REO experience allows us to fully grasp the unique challenges facing REO properties. Tom Webb is both a licensed Associate Broker and General Contractor, this combined with his Masters Degree in Administration will help to make the transaction process quick and easy.

Correct evaluations, superior property management and efficient marketing are 

critical. We understand your goal of obtaining a fair, economic and timely sale. Property inventory is expensive and the carrying expenses for owned property can cost much more than just a commission. Our knowledge-base and experience can help you appropriately value and market your corporate owned inventory. We offer a business partnership to you based on continuous improvement principles that will exceed your expectations.

Our Services

✓     Sales listings

✓     Negotiations

✓     Property specific marketing plans

✓     Occupancy verifications

✓     Cash for keys

✓     Site inspections

✓     Winterizing/board ups

✓     BPO’s

✓     Trash outs

✓     Lawn cuts and snow removal

✓     Digital pictures/electronic forms

✓     Fast email responses

✓     Restoration bids

✓     Monthly status reports

✓     Conversion of utilities

✓     Maintenance

✓     Additional services as required

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