7 Reasons to Hire Tom Webb as Your Realtor®

Selecting the right real estate professional is critical for success in your real estate purchase or sale.  Your choices are abundant.  Everywhere you turn there are real estate agents.  You probably even know two or three.  Choose carefully though as the wrong choice could potentially cost you thousands of dollars.  Before you hire your friend, cousin, neighbor, acquaintance, friend’s suggestion or hair dresser, consider hiring me, Tom Webb, to represent you in your real estate transaction.  Here’s why:

#1  Customer focus is critical.

I will help you establish your goals and accomplish them.  I will never pressure you.  Sales peoples styles are all different.  You will find me to be motivated and easy-going.  At all times I am a professional.

#2  Education counts.

I have invested in my education.  I am a real estate broker and hold a Masters Degree from Central Michigan University in Marketing.  I have the knowledge you need to have a successful real estate sale.

#3  Selling a home requires a marketing plan.  

Many real estate agents employ the same marking plan.  Marketing a home requires not just a MLS listing and a sign.  My comprehensive marketing plan will expose your property to the most potential buyers possible using both traditional and innovate new marketing concepts to get results.

#4  I understand homes, buildings and land.

As a licensed Residential Builder, I have the knowledge and experience needed to guide you through inspections, repair requests and negotiations.

#5 Pricing guidance and strategy is key. 

I hold a Pricing Strategy Advisor designation from the National Association of Realtors®.  I understand and utilize market-based approaches to pricing to help maximize return for my clients.  One price does not fit all situations.

#6  I am experienced. 

I am not new to the real estate business or just starting my career in real estate.  I am a full-time real estate broker with years of experience representing many clients each year.

#7  Hundred of clients can’t be wrong.

We independently survey each client after their transaction to ensure we are offering world-class customer service.  My clients are my best raving fans.  You can read my testimonials at this link.

I would be honored to assist you in your real estate transaction.  Let me put my extensive experience to work for you.  Contact me today by filling out the below information or call/text at (989) 492-0650.  Let’s get to work on accomplishing your goals.

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