Pivot Point Appliance Trains People to Recondition Donated Appliances for Resale

Pivot Point Appliance, located in Midland, is a non-profit employment support program. They educate and train individuals that may have encountered barriers such as substance use disorders, unfinished educations, or legal issues. By doing so, they create attractive candidates by teaching these individuals the skills and qualities employers look for. To fund this program, Pivot Point operates a used appliance store that accepts donated appliances that they repair into warrantied machines.

A couple great things about this program:

  • They accept donated appliances rather than having so many end up at the landfill.
  • They train people to repair them- those who may be having trouble finding work or those who need a fresh start in life.
  • They sell the reconditioned appliances to the public for a good price and offer a 30 day warranty.

Click here to learn more about Pivot Point Appliance, how it works, and how you can donate!